Our clients are our sales team!
“The most powerful marketing tool is first-hand testimony”

On every other page, we try to communicate that we can help start or improve the performance of your business. But here, we challenge you to contact any one of our clients and ask them why they work with us, what we’ve done, and what their experience has been like. Their testimony is the most powerful evidence we can offer.

Our Clients


Mckell Christiansen Law

If you would like a live testimonial, call Michael K. Mckell

(801) 798-4656

Mckell Christiansen Law are Utah lawyers that specialize in personal injury, social security disability, bankruptcy, worker’s compensation, and real estate law.

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My name is Mike Mckell. I am an accident attorney. I’ve been practicing law for the last six years here in Spanish Fork Utah.

Why did you choose Cardinal Business Group?

So, what I was looking for in a company to do my internet marketing is a company with proven results.

Are you happy with Cardinal’s performance?

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the results that we’ve seen. I know what they’ve done is working; I’m not entirely sure what it is. That’s why I hired a company because to me, SEO is a mystery. I don’t know what SEO is. I’ve hired them to take care of it for me. But I know what the results are and we’ve climbed in rank on Google. We’ve seen cases and clients through the door. As far as determining what the value is, it has to be results driven. If we’re seeing clients and new customers because of what they’re providing, then it’s valuable and it has been valuable in providing new clients and new customers to our business.

What makes Cardinal different from the rest?

The one thing about the company is they were very, very responsive. If I sent an email, I got an email back. If I called, they called me back. Invoices were always timely; they were always itemized. Every time the company spent time I got an account for that which I appreciated.

Would you recommend Cardinal to a friend?

Yes, I would recommend the company to my friends. I have recommended them to my friends. I wouldn’t recommend them to attorneys. I don’t want other accident attorneys using the company, but anybody else, totally fine.



Stewart Palmer Studio

If you would like a live testimonial, call Becky Haughey

(801) 373-7687

The Stewart Palmer Studio is an award-winning hair salon in Provo, Utah. They specialize in women’s, men’s, and children’s haircuts, plus hair coloring, highlights, and extensions. Look amazing for your wedding, dance, presentation, job interview, or any other special event.

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I am Becky Haughey. I have done hair for fifteen years and I’ve been a salon owner for six.

What kind of help were you looking for?

I needed someone who could be flexible in what I wanted; Something that would really show off my business without me having to do a lot myself.

Was Cardinal Business Group the answer?

The company provided for me exactly what I needed. And I felt the value was awesome for the price I paid. It was above and beyond what I paid for sure.

Did anything about Cardinal stand out?

The company very much went the extra mile. I was really confused about how to sign up for the hosting and he was able to walk me through all that when that wasn’t even a part of it. Honesty. Always, always said what he was going to do. Communicated very well; even when I can’t communicate, was able to understand what I wanted. If I had any questions they always got answered. I never felt like they tried to push anything extra or anything on me. He was very personable. I felt that my company was the only one that mattered at the time.

Any final thoughts?

I think that in today’s day, you need someone that you can trust and someone that you know will take care of you. It’s just not about the money, it’s about your business and that’s how I felt, so I would definitely recommend it to anybody that I know.



Dr. Steve Baker

If you would like a live testimonial, call Steve Baker

(801) 477-0424

Dr. Baker is a Utah chiropractor in Provo and specializes in all forms of chiropractic care including acupuncture, massage, and rehabilitative and physical therapy.

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I’m Doctor Steve Baker. I’m a chiropractor and I’ve been a chiropractor for over four years now.

What kind of help were you looking for?

I built my own website and it did okay, but I wanted someone to actually take the website to the next level so it would get more hits, more recognition; really make the website come to the first page of Google not the tenth page of Google.

How did Cardinal Business Group start your project?

To actually come out and find out what you’re looking for and not try to sell you something that you need. They find out where you want to go, what type of results you want to have, and they kind of give you a plan of how you can get those results quickly or over time or whatever your budget kind of works for you.

What services did Cardinal provide?

They worked with SEO. They actually built content and put more content on and made it more, I guess, search friendly so you can actually find what you want them to find. Now when they search for “chiropractic Provo,” they find it.

What did Cardinal bring to the project?

It’s very unique in the sense that they’re committed to your company as much as you may be. Actually even checking up afterwards, “Hey, how’s it going? Let’s see your analytics. Let’s see how that’s going. Is it growing? Have we done what we said we would do?”

Would you recommend Cardinal to a friend?

I have, yes, already, recommended them to friends. Over and over again I hear, “Wow, that was a great referral. Thank you for that” or “That’s really made a difference for our website.” I’ve heard different testimonials like that from friends.

Any final thoughts?

For the amount of time and money that I put in, I would say I got more than what I was expecting.



Tidbits of Utah County

If you would like a live testimonial, call Roger Strong

(801) 616-6288

The Utah Local Paper is Utah County’s source for local news and events, products and services, and advertising solutions.

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My name’s Roger Strong. I’m with a newspaper called “Tidbits of Utah County.” We’ve been doing that for almost a year now.

What kind of help were you looking for?

In struggling with sales, I was trying to find an additional way to reach out and touch people. In today’s environment, it seems as though everybody’s carrying an electronic device of one sort or another or they go to the internet to find their information.

How was your experience with “other” companies?

They had done a very good presentation. It was very impressive. I asked for their top websites; I asked them to show me their Google metrics on those and it turned out that none of them were anything more than just what any kid could have set up. I mean there was no activity on any of them. This was supposed to be their top six websites.

What was it like working with Cardinal Business Group?

The company and I sat down and talked about what we could do. First of all they were very open to the idea that they had to perform to pay for the activities that they were going to do. They showed me some sites which they had very good performance.

What did Cardinal do for you?

The specific services the company provided were to create a website for me. And that includes the entire format, the way it worked, the way it looked and find content to go into that website that was meaningful, to reach the people I was trying to reach.

What makes Cardinal different from the rest?

One of the things that I like is that they spent the time to really know and understand my company or where I was. And they were sensitive to what my current situation was and so they were hesitant to push a larger program or to push it more immediately. They’ve been very patient and very aware of what my company was doing and how it was coming along. When the company first went to work on the website, we had a lunch meeting, we jotted some ideas down about what it would look like, the things that would happen on it. It was within a matter of mere days that I received a phone call to says your website is up, its operational, it has content on it, and I logged on and was just really amazed at what I found there. They over-deliver on the commitments that they make. I’ve felt that I’ve gotten more value out of every service that they provided than I had expected going in.

What was your representative like?

He’s fantastic in what he does. From the very beginning, he took what I felt was a very genuine interest in me and my company. I really appreciate the fact that he’ll call just to say, “How are things going with you?” and we’ll chat for a little while about what’s going on and what [the] immediate goals are. It has felt very good to have, like you say, a virtual partner in my business that’s as interested in it as I am.

Any final thoughts?

I have not found anyone that’s more knowledgeable or who is more affordable than the company is. So I strongly recommend this to anyone who is looking to use the web to enhance their business position.



Platt Insurance Agency

If you would like a live testimonial, call Micah Platt

(801) 268-1168

Platt Insurance Agency has independent insurance agents finding the best Utah Insurance quotes for Commercial business, Homeowners, Health, Life, & Auto insurance.

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My name is Micah Platt. I’m a commercial insurance agent.

What solutions were you looking for?

Honestly, our website looked like it was programmed on an Apple II computer with “sticky bears” typing. So we just needed something to be updated.

So what did you do?

I happened to meet Ben Hart in a marketing team that I have and it was incredible, the work that he had done for some of the other members of the group and I contacted him and his company to find a way to improve our online presence because we didn’t pop up in any searches, we weren’t very noticeable at all online.

What did Cardinal Business Group do for you?

We had a very basic website and Ben took that same design, he changed it a little bit, but updated it. He made the layout more user-friendly. He put the same pictures that we had and used the same logo; gave it a spruced-up job I guess you would say. He’s also done a good job making sure it would pop up in more searches and actually bring a little bit more content to our website. He’s really made the website more than just a five paragraph blurb about who Platt Insurance is. It’s more interactive and it’s more friendly to the consumer.

Were you pleased with the results?

My website looks fantastic! Now I actually feel confident in [its] ability to convert a referral from looking at our website. Ben Hart did a great job; changing the look, changing the feel, and keeping it true to who we are because we’re a simple shop. We’re not fancy but it gets our presence online.

What was working with Cardinal like?

We spent forty five minutes on hold with the last website design company that we had used. So just being able to talk to somebody, we were miles ahead. And the fact that the quality that Ben brings to the project and the efficiency that he brings, we were heads and shoulders above anything else we could have found. We were concerned about costs, we were concerned about overhead, because you don’t see an immediate recompense from the expenditure of advertising sometimes. And this was a situation where we were willing to put money out and we have already seen success from it. So that was the biggest concern, and Ben was very respectful of us spending money on this type of a product. We had many questions transitioning from the old website that we had and we even changed hosting services and all of this was due to the help that Ben was able to give us.

Would you recommend Cardinal to a friend?

I would definitely recommend this company to a friend. I have talked about the profitability, about the quality, and about the exciting atmosphere that a website design can bring to a new, budding, insurance agency specifically or any other industry.

Any final thoughts?

I’m just grateful that we were able to find each other and he was able to take good care of us. I’m excited that we have a current presence that’s not stuck in the 80s and that we’re able to find new clients that will use our product and that we can better serve.



Mckell Christiansen Law

If you would like a live testimonial, call John Christiansen

(801) 798-4656

Mckell Christiansen Law are Utah lawyers that specialize in personal injury, social security disability, bankruptcy, worker’s compensation, and real estate law.

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My name is John Christiansen. I’m an attorney and I have been practicing law for a little over a year.

What kind of solution were you looking for?

We were looking for a company with some experience and someone who was specifically, I guess you could say, indoctrinated with SEO. We’re looking to build our internet presence more.

Did you find what you were looking for?

When we started out originally with our website we maybe had one or two people come by a day and to be honest it was probably us just looking at our own information. But now, as far as the intangibles that we’re getting, we get clients from all over the state of Utah and some other states as well based on the search engine optimization. Essentially, it was search engine optimization as the intangible that we received from the company as well as some video marketing and I believe the Google Place optimization as well.

What set Cardinal Business Group apart from others?

What we were looking for was more of a personalized touch. There are a lot of different companies out there that can offer you different services which is what we found. We wanted someone we could talk with; we wanted someone that was within reach that we could speak with whenever we had a question and that’s exactly what we got. We could always count on a live person to talk to us which was important. If we did send an email, it was always returned within the same day. And we would also get systematic updates from the company as well when we didn’t even ask for them or if there was a particular issue that needed to be addressed the company would take care of that issue for us without us even having to ask for it, which was excellent.

Would you recommend Cardinal Business Group to a friend?

I would recommend this company to everybody. Anyone that’s looking for a company that has personalized touch and a company that gets results, this is the company for the people that are looking for those types of things.


Timberline Heating and Cooling

If you would like a live testimonial, call Jeff Walker

(801) 494-1702

Timberline Heating and Cooling are Utah furnace and air conditioning specialists that install, repair, and maintain heating and air conditioning systems for residential and commercial property. Ask about solar installations!

Eric’s Plumbing and Drain Cleaning

If you would like a live testimonial, call Eric Cauble

(801) 852-5651

Eric’s Plumbing and Drain Cleaning serves Utah County’s plumbing needs including repairs and replacements for water heaters, water softeners, fixtures, and even kitchen, bathroom, and general remodeling.